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Revel in the pure indulgence of a Mayan Clay Bath Day with an interactive healing spa experience designed to energize, hydrate and detoxify the skin. Mayan Clay has been used in the jungles of Mexico’s Riviera Maya in purifying bathing rituals since ancient times as a natural way to detoxify and mineralize the body.

Soak in natural healing waters and exfoliate the body with luscious golden Mayan Clay that is massaged deeply into the skin to stimulate and energize the skin and internal organs. Relax as tiny wrinkles are smoothed away and the skin is toned as impurities are absorbed into the clay. Mayan Clay also acts as a superb conditioning hair treatment and as a sedative for the central nervous system when it is massaged into the spine and base of the neck.


Welcome to Bathhouse, where the intensely rejuvenating spa experience begins with a full body exfoliation treatment, before natural clay is massaged into the face, neck and shoulders to energize and soften. This is followed by a relaxing bathing ritual and total immersion in a pool of warm Mayan Clay before a revitalizing dip in a freshwater pool

Mayan Clay Bath Spa


A Jacuzzi bath with Epsom salts follows, then the pampering continues with a sauna treatment & cenote water pool plunge. Your skin is now ready for a hydrating fruit mask applied head to toe.


A purifying bathing ritual in the secret jungle

Mayan Clay Bath Day
Mayan Clay Bath Day


Healing therapies for body and soul


  • Stimulates the skins’ function
  • Detoxes & energizes the skin and internal organs
  • Mineralizes, energizes and beautifies
  • Exfoliates and regenerates skin tissue, refining wrinkles
  • Serves as a face wash and toner
  • Helps heal skin lesions such as mosquito bites, acne, rashes and sun burn
  • Absorbs impurities and acids from skin tissue
  • Acts as a sedative for the central nervous system when applied to the spine and nape of the neck
  • Balances the electromagnetic energy field of the body when applied as a complete body mask
  • Fantastic hair conditioning treatment

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