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Scuba Diving in Tulum

Riviera Maya Scuba Diving We highly recommend diving in the Mexican Caribbean Sea, with its coral reef part of the second largest reef system in the world. A dive experience planned by Mexico Kan Tours offers to enjoy the best dive spots of the Riviera Maya and Costa Maya with certificated instructors. With barracudas, sea turtles, rays, and countless varieties of tropical fish and corals easily accessible, the reef starts just a few hundred feet off shore.

Tulum offers another type of unique diving experience in the form of cenote diving, in which you can practice a cavern dive or a cave dive. Cenotes are openings in the underground freshwater river system of the Yucatan and are unique to this region. They are true active cave systems with impressive rock formations that offer an unforgettable diving experience in a fantastic world that will leave you with amazing memories.

The cavern dive is a dive in the cave area close to the entrance/exit of the cenote where the day light will always be visible.

The cave dive is an advanced diving experience where you will go deep into the underground river cave.

Our diving center partner will show you the best diving area with most experienced dive guide.

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