KASA Tulum Hotel + Residences Faq's

Check in / Check out

Check-in time is at 3 pm and checkout time is 12:00 pm. We can store your luggage if you arrive/depart outside of these times.

Hotel Room Balance

Your room balance is due upon arrival or the following morning if you are arriving when the Reception is closed. We accept Mexican Pesos, US dollars, Euros, Visa, Master Card and American Express. Please note we do NOT accept any traveler’s checks.


ATM’s are located in Tulum pueblo at Scotia Bank and HSBC dispensing Mexican Pesos.

Travel Insurance

We recommend that all of our guests purchase Travel Insurance, which is generally inexpensive, but can really save a lot of emotional distress.

Travel Insurance may pay for unforeseen events that might happen before or during your stay, it may cover Medical expenses, Evacuation expenses, Trip cancellation costs and so on. Ask your Travel agent, credit card company or you can purchase it yourself through your preferred travel insurance provider.


In Tulum (and most all of Mexico), cash is the most common form of payment. Mexican Pesos and US Dollars are accepted everywhere, however it is recommended to carry smaller money denominations as some local businesses often run out of change.

It is becoming more common for Travelers Checks NOT to be accepted in the area due to recent fraud. Some banks still accept American Express traveler’s checks and this is where you are likely to get the best exchange rate, however you should be prepared for a long wait in the queue at the bank. It is easier to withdraw cash from an ATM where you will also get a good exchange rate. Please be aware there is a daily withdrawal limit at the ATM’s, currently $5,000 pesos. Credit cards are not widely accepted in the area.

Airport Transfers

Our concierge desk may assist you with transportation from the Cancun International Airport to KASA Hotel + Residences. This service is optional and additional and booking in advance is required. For your comfort, we recommend you a private transfer. If you wish further information, kindly email at reservations@kasatulum.com with your flight details and our staff will be delighted to contact you with further options.


A taxi from Cancun International Airport to KASA Hotel + Residences can cost up to US$150. A return taxi to the airport will cost around USD$95.

Car Rental

There are several recommended car rental companies at both the airport and in Tulum. Please contact us at concierge@kasatulum.com if you require any assistance.

Please be sure to inspect your rental car very carefully as the rental companies will hold you responsible for any small marks or scratches on the vehicle that you fail to report when you first sign for the car. Also double check the spare tire and the gas tank cap are present!

Note Driving in Mexico can be dangerous. Watch out for speed bumps called ‘topes’ which are large and not often sign posted or easily visible at night. At times lanes seem to disappear and merge in unusual and dangerous ways. Do not go over the speed limit as you are very likely to be stopped by the police and will have to pay a ‘fine’ on the spot. It is best, and safest to enjoy the cruise down highway 307 and don’t join in the speed race!

What to Bring

The Yucatan peninsula is a special and unique environment. We urge everyone to use biodegradable products such as sun block and mosquito repellents, to ensure our environment stays healthy for generations to come. When visiting any of the wonderful cenotes in the region, it is recommended you shower to remove any products such as sun block that may pollute the natural water system. We provide beach bags and beach towels and bottled water for our guests. We invite you to bring your own refillable water bottle and help do your bit to save the environment.

There is no street lighting or designated pedestrian paths in some areas along the beach road. It is recommended you bring a small flashlight if you will be walking at night.


Pets are not permitted at the hotel or restaurant.


In some parts of the beach in Tulum clothing is optional. The beach is long and deserted to the south, so guests who really want to go naked all the time tend to wander down the beach a bit.


Tulum enjoys a tropical climate with a dry season (November – April) and a wet season (May – October).

January, February (winter) and March day temperatures usually sit between 75 – 80F (23 – 26C), however, cool off in the evenings with temperatures between 60 – 66F (16 – 19C). Wind factor can make temperatures seem cooler and long pants and light sweaters are recommended at this time of year.

May, June, July and August, our spring/summer months, see frequent rainfall, although more breaks in the rainfall in July and August, and although the temperatures are higher than other months, it is the humidity that makes day seem hotter 85F plus degrees (32C).

Hurricane Season

The main hurricane season is between September and November.


We offer free wifi throughout the property in all rooms, pool area and the bar restaurant.

Security Safe

We provide a security safe in each room. We urge that you use it to store your valuable items and important documents.

Please contact us at reservations@kasatulum.com if information you require is not listed above.