Eco-Initiatives & Sustainability in Tulum


KASA Hotel + Residences is committed to setting an example for guests and the local community by operating in an eco-friendly manner and adopting sustainable practices wherever we can. We believe that environmental and social sustainability is just as essential to our business model as ensuring each of our guests has an enjoyable stay.

Here are just a few of the ways we are working to reduce our ecological footprint and preserve the Riviera Maya´s natural beauty for generations to come!

Salt Water Swimming Pools

Salt water (or saline) swimming pools provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional chlorine pools because harsh chemicals are never added to the water, which is kept clean and safe through a process of electrolysis. As a result, the water in a salt water pool is also much softer on the skin and won’t leave behind a filmy residue or irritate your eyes.


We have partnered with Wóolis Green Industries, a composting program founded in Tulum by our own Chef Mauricio Jervis. This initiative ensures that all of the hotel’s organic waste is collected, combined with waste from a growing number of other businesses in the region and used to create high quality compost, feed for animals, topsoil and fertilizer used in local vegetable and herb gardens.

Our organic waste

Plus others organic waste

Gets collected

To create compost, animal feed & fertilizer for local gardens


All of the glass, plastic, cardboard and aluminum waste generated by the hotel is collected, separated and recycled to reduce the amount of inorganic refuse that winds up in area landfills. Recycling is an important part of any sustainable business model and is especially important in growing tourism hotspots like Tulum.

Day to day operations

At KASA, we avoid using plastic wherever possible, so look for metal straws and a complimentary glass water bottle with drinking glasses in your room, instead of the typical plastic items found in most hotels. Guests can visit the bar area for refills and after hours there are bottles available for purchase in the mini bar fridge. In addition, all cleaning products used at KASA are 100% natural and non-toxic. We also ask guests to turn off the air conditioning in rooms when not in use, and to hang up reusable towels until they are ready to be washed, when they should be left on the floor for pickup.

We avoid plastic straws and use metal straws

We avoid plastic bottles and use glass bottles

All cleaning products are 100% natural


Many of the items used to create our seasonal menus are locally-sourced, vegan and/or vegetarian, which reduces the restaurant’s carbon footprint and also provides income for local workers.

Do you have suggestions about other ways we could reduce the carbon footprint of KASA Hotel + Residences? Click here to contact us – we are always looking for new ways to improve and would love to hear your suggestions!