We are easy to find!
After entering Aldea Zama in Tulum, go straight at the 1st roundabout, right at the 2nd roundabout, then take the 2nd right.

Location Tulum KASA Hotel + Residences

The location of KASA Hotel + Residences is one of the best in Tulum and easy to find, even if you’re not familiar with Tulum. Simply enter the Aldea Zama neighborhood, go straight through the first roundabout, then continue for about 600 meters before turning right at the second roundabout and taking the second street on the right. Welcome… We’ve been expecting you!

Directions: After entering Aldea Zama: 1st roundabout -- Straight • 2nd roundabout -- right • Take the 2nd Right

Please be aware that Aldea Zamá is a relatively new planned development, so it’s possible that guests could experience some construction in the area.